Matlab Projects for Scientists and Engineers
Table of Contents


WorkbookTextbook Topic (Program name)Page
Program 1Chapter 1 Tooling up for programming (convert)1
Program 2Chapter 2 Position and velocity (pos_vel)5
Program 3Chapter 3 Projectile motion and bisection (golf)9
Program 4Chapter 4 Force on a particle given the trajectory (force)13
Program 5Chapter 5 Solving Newton's equations of motion (oildrag)17
Program 6Chapter 6 Integration (intgrl)21
Program 7Chapter 7 Conservative forces and potential energy (energy)25
Program 8Chapter 8 Rocket motion (rocket)29
Program 9Chapter 9 Rotational inertia of a nonuniform rod (inertia)33
Program 10Chapter 10 Angular momentum of a particle (angmom)37
Program 11Chapter 12 Orbits in the Solar system (orbit)41
Program 12Chapter 14 Doppler effect for a moving observer (doppler)45
Program 13Chapter 15 Superposition of two waves (twowave)51
Program 14Chapter 17 Ideal gas law and its extensions (igl)55
Program 15Chapter 18 Work done by an ideal gas (pvwork)59
Program 16Chapter 19 Maxwell velocity distribution of gases (maxdist)65
Program 17Chapter 20 Entropy and disorder (shuffle)69
Program 18Chapter 22 Coulomb's law for multiple charges (coulomb)75
Program 19Chapter 23 Electric field near a charged rod (chrgrod)79
Program 20Chapter 25 Electric potential (e_and_v)83
Program 21Chapter 26 Energy density in an electric field (e_energy)87
Program 22Chapter 28 Multiloop direct-current circuits (circuit)91
Program 23Chapter 29 Lorentz force on a charged particle (lorentz)95
Program 24Chapter 30 Biot-Savart law (biotsav)99
Program 25Chapter 33 Oscillations in RLC circuits (rlc)103
Program 26Chapter 36 Refraction and Snell's law (refract)107
Program 27Chapter 37 Spherical mirrors (mirror)111
Program 28Chapter 38 Interference of two point sources (inter2)115
Program 29Chapter 39 Single-slit diffraction (intern)119
Program 30Chapter 40 Lorentz transformations in special relativity (lortran)123
Program 31Chapter 41 Radioactive decay (decay)127
Program 32Chapter 45 Rutherford scattering (ruther)131
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