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Eliud Landin writes:

Thanks for capturing the true essence of ths once "majestic" course. I, too, learned to play golf at Thunderbird. At $12 for 18 holes it was certainly a bargain.

You forgot to mention that, even though they served food inside the clubhouse, they had a catering truck on the side selling tacos and breakfast burritos. However, my friends and I were never brave enough to eat there.

I will never forget how the owner would arbitrarily drive his golfcart up to any hole and tee off. If no-one was in the fairway or on the green, he would continue playing. Otherwise, he'd just pick up his ball and drive to another available tee.

Frank Muirhead writes:

Like your Thunderbird tale. We also have memories of the place, as Grace took some lessons from a woman pro who used the Thunderbird driving range for her teaching. Almost every time she went for a lesson there was an ancient guy hitting balls while keeping a cigarette hanging out of his mouth. The ash on the cigarette grew longer and longer and he kept on hitting, but the ash never fell off. One day I took Grace over there, and when I got out of the car I found a live bullet lying on the ground. Now THAT'S Thunderbird ambience.

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