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Pieces by Alejandro Garcia

Click on the images for more info on each piece. For more drawings, see: sketchbook drawings

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Paintings and Drawings

[Turbulence] [Combustion] [Irish Still Life]
[Portrait of Dr. X]

[rubout of Jimmy Nail]

[Portrait of Pat Hamill]

[Still life with Einstein] [Still life with Einstein] [Padre e Hijo]
[Self-portrait in Ultramarine] [first homework] [Frames of Reference]
[Oblata de los Platanos] [Drawing of Cecile Penland] [self-portrait with laurels]


[Tet Moon]
[Small World] [First Moon] [Welcome In]
[katzen2] [First Dawn] [First Leaf]
[bauhaus] [moholy-nagy] [katzen]
[sunday] [rwb1] [rwb2]
[pollen] [DSMC: 40 years and future] [Computational Issues]
[Projectile Motion in Perspective]

Amateur pieces of artwork are like small children and farts; usually the only ones you enjoy are your own.

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